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Well, unfortunately my second meeting with Tanya did not go very well. I think she might have had second thoughts about coming to America when she knew the decision time was near weddings croatia.

As you may remember, I met Tanya in June in Kiev and we had a nice 4 days together. I even traveled to Vinnitysa to meet her Aunt and Uncle and see where she lived. This was after we corresponded and talked for 2-3 months. I made a decision not to have sex with here on this trip, even though she sort of tested me on this while we were together in my room. Unfortunately, I found out our trip last week to Malta that she was upset that I did not want sex with her during our first meeting in June. I was trying to be a gentlemen and not a pushy American, and now I find out 3 months later that I was a fool. She also thought that she was too old for me sometimes, and that I was too thin for her? I’m 36 and she is 29, so I thought our age difference was good. I tried to reassure her, but she always seemed skeptical for some reason. I had the opportunity to meet other women from the site, but I did not. I told her this. That I wanted to only get to know her.

Eros love, by Greek definition, is an erotic love between a man and a woman, a demonstration of their passion for one another. In essence, agape love should, be the main emphasis within the marriage, a selfless, self-sacrificing love, a love that is unconditional, meaning that there are no conditions attached. This in itself is a true expression of love.

On the other hand, you have brotherly love, (Philadelphia), a display of kindness, an act of charity towards mankind. Coming back to the God of Israel, you cannot beat his enduring, eternal and undeserved love; this is the love I am talking about, based on a covenant relationship with his people, a “one new man” experience that is bringing down the dividing wall between Jews today, in Yeshua and his gentile church.

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