I Have Some Money to Invest Now

I was really quite surprised, especially since I had not spoken with this lady in a very long time. It was about 1997 when I moved in the loft above her garage while I was in college. I had some really poor experiences with roommates, they would do everything save come up with their share of the rent. At any rate it was awesome when I found this place. It was tiny and you could bump your head if you were not lucky. Today though my friend started trying to talk about Bollinger bands alternative when he happened to find out about the money she left me. Back to the story I suppose. She was a wonderful lady, full of life and amazingly attractive for a lady in her early fifties. When my friends would see her they would never believe she was that old. I paid her very little in rent, but I did chores for her and she always seemed to have more work than it took. She owned a number of rental homes which always needed handyman types of jobs which I could do in spite of my absence of skill.

I knew that she had money, that was obvious once I got to know her. I also knew that she did not really throw it around much. She lived a very normal life. However when they told me to come listen to her will I realized she was really rich. What she left me was a pittance, her relatives were all lawyering up to fight over the lion’s share. For me it is a very big deal. I took a part of it and paid off my credit card debt, which is not much and the rest I am looking for a way to invest in a way that insures I do not end up with a large tax bill.