Two Damaged Trees Needed to Come Down

My grandmother has lived in the same house for nearly 60 years. She and my grandfather had purchased it when they were still newlyweds, and my grandfather had fixed it up really nice through the years. When he went to Heaven, she was not able to maintain the upkeep like he had, so we all chipped in to help. We could do most of the work between her children and grandchildren, but some things required a professional to help us. I knew we needed a Nassau County tree removal company when some of the trees around the house were getting too big.

We had thought about having them just cut back, but we feared that two of them were too old and dangerous to keep even if they were cut back. I knew that only a professional would be able to determine that though so I contacted the same tree company we had used a few years ago when a storm caused some tree damage at my house. Not only were they friendly and professional, but they were also inexpensive compared to other tree companies in the area. When I contacted them to come out to look at the trees, they were able to come out on my next day off.

They looked at the two trees, and sadly enough, they agreed. One was beyond any kind of help, and the other one was nearly just as bad. We decided the best course of action would be to just cut them down, and that is what the tree company did. They told me that the house would not be in any danger when the trees would come down, even though they were really close to it. Watching them cut down the trees was interesting to watch, and knowing that they are no longer putting the house in danger made it all worthwhile. They pruned the other trees, and Gram’s house looks amazing once again.