Working on a Renovation Job

A friend of mine found the place for me, it is a good location, but the place has been more or less abandoned. Apparently the previous owner grew very old, but refused to move away. At the same time they did not maintain the place and the person was apparently some sort of hoarder. I need to work on finding an exterminator in NYC to start out and that is one of the first things that I am going to do once we get the place cleaned out. There are obviously a lot of bugs that need to be dealt with.I hired a half dozen temp workers to help me clean up the mess in the yard and in the house. We got a couple of dumpsters and filled both of them up in no time flat. The next thing is going to be examining every nook and cranny, because I am sure that there is going to be some damage to the wood. There were some places which obviously are going to need to be fixed, but it is not anything I can not manage with enough time and money.

The big job is going is to be fixing the subfloor in the bathroom. There was a lot of water damage from a slow leak under the shower and it really has become sort of catastrophic. Of course that does not mean that it is something that I can not handle on my own. It is a big thing, but you just have to know what you are doing. I have seen it happen in the past and I have helped a friend of mine do the same job about three years ago. If you know how to fix a thing, then it is really not so big of a job.