Starting a Business with a Very Low Investment

There are all kinds of businesses to get into if you want to work for yourself. My brother is a general contractor. However, he has a fortune invested in tools and equipment. His commercial truck and tool trailer together with the tools are well over 100 grand. I wanted out of my day job and into my own business, but I did not have a fortune I could spend. We have a room on our house with a separate entrance. I enrolled in some classes, and then I bought tax software for professional tax preparers. I got online for local swap groups and got office furniture cheap. My wife helped me decorate the room into an office, and, voila, I had my own business.

The pro tax software being available at such an affordable price is what made it possible. I did not need a fancy computer. I use a desktop PC with some secure cloud storage. I have a couple of printers, and that is about it. I prepare taxes for people all year long. The standard tax season is my busy time, but I am filing stuff all year for individuals and small local companies and self-employed people all year. It is so much more fun to own my own business than to go punch a clock somewhere.

I have not had to buy any new stuff for my business other than keeping my pro tax software up to date. I take online classes for updates on the changes in the tax code each year, and that is about it. My brother has to buy new tools and stuff all the time. The store down the street that I do taxes for has to keep a fortune tied up in inventory. I do not have any of those headaches, but I still earn a great living with my business.